Blacks Mexicans and Mormons oh my (1 of 3 of our Branson Missouri Race Relations Series)

I would first like to thank Tony of Kansas City for adding me to his roll in the name of cultural diversification. Though we object to Tony's campaign for greater debauchery we dually respect his support for both political debate and multi-cultural exchange. Tony is a resistor. To show our dedication to Tony's cause we're inviting him down to Branson for a free vacation - so he can learn where his state senator is from and to show our support for affirmative action.

Second, we render both an apology and criticism to St. Louis Rep Talibdin El-Amin District 57 Democrat. Talibdin didn't get HCR26 passed and though no apologies were given by the state for slavery - I would personally like to apologize for the 6 slaves Taney County residents owned years ago. It's a despicable part of our history. Here's my criticism. Missouri's history of alienating groups of people isn't confined to African Americans. Martin Luther King once stated,"The law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me and I think thats pretty important." Missouri's Governor Boggs issued the only extermination order in the history of the United States based on a person's religious beliefs (this is debatable now that paganism is a recognized religion). Interestingly, the Mormon's believe the extermination order related to the religion's anti-slavery policy. During evacuation, the Mormon's lost their press - The Morning and Evening Star (now known as the Kansas City Star). What about the whole trail of tears fiasco - haven't the Native Americans earned some love too? If the bill wasn't so Afro-Centric, maybe he could've gotten somewhere. Or perhaps, he was just trying to gain some points with his constituents without any real intent to change anything.
We apologized - now its your turn.