Is a Gambling Mafia Controlling Rockaway Beach?

Rockaway Beach Gambling IconHere's the skinny. Strom's attorney came up with the following hypothesis. The cospiracy rests around Chuck Walters who sat on the Rockaway Beach Gaming Committee. Strom didn't trust Walter's thus didn't renew his membership to the city's gambling efforts. That's when a Michigan based gambling operation ordered a political hit on Strom. Let's see, stir up some animosity, orchestrate a coup d'├ęta and retain governmental authority from Michigan headquarters. Interestingly, as Strom's counsel pointed out; Walter's moved to Michigan, but not before he set up a corporation deceivingly similar to Rockaway's Gaming committee. Walter's private corporation is named Rockaway Gambling Committee which some have suggested is a front to launder funds intended for other places...mainly the citizens of Rockaway Beach.