Branson Missouri Poisonous Snakes


Notice the hershey kiss like pattern of the Ozark Copperhead. If you see this snake, don't try to catch it. The photo above was taken at the fish hatchery last weekend.
Color varies from grayish-brown to pinkish-tan, with hourglass-shaped crossbands of dark gray, brown or reddish-brown. The head may have some pink or orange color, hence the name “copperhead.” The tail may be yellow or greenish-yellow, especially in young specimens, and the belly usually is a dusky mixture of gray, tan and black. Length averages from 24 to 36 inches (61-91 cm). Copperheads make their homes on rocky hillsides and along the edges of forests. They also spend time among trees and in brush along prairie streams. Copperheads are often found near abandoned farm buildings. Copperheads will vibrate their tail when alarmed. There is no record of a human death caused by a copperhead bite in this state, but medical treatment for such bites is necessary. Copperheads eat mice, lizards, frogs and sometimes small snakes.