Branson Missouri Board of Aldermen March 26 Audio File

Branson Missouri Alderman Meeting - Click Play to Hear
Here's a few highlights:
Van Gilder's Opening Prayer

Branson Arts Council asks for funds

Branson Landing update (We have photos from the latest hacking - not posted yet)

Taney County VS City of Branson - Strahan plotted a filibuster - which lasted for nearly an hour and ten minutes. Branson gave unusual leverage to Strahan with one warning from Branson's city attorney Paul Link. (I listened to this segment several times and stayed at the newspaper all night punching out a short piece on the topic) **Strahan's a smart guy holding a hillbilly hat in his back pocket in case it needs to be used. He catches subtle errors from Branson's new finance manager Ferris Brown - who gave a good show. Strahan makes a minor threat letting the city know "meeting the mark" could just as easily involve millions lost for the city if certain parts of the index were changed. Having looked through these documents Strahan's argument holds some merit. Commercial property is low on the index and Strahan claims the state doesn't want this adjusted. Commercial entities are far more likely to protest an assessment and usually win a fight with the State Tax Commission in the event they raise a stink. Homeowner's rarely do or are uninformed that they can fight the Board. The main category Strahan considers to be too low is older houses - those built in the 50-'s and 60's. The County has filed a breach of contract suit against the state. Hershcend backs up Strahan saying his case has merit.
Western Taney County Commissioner Ron Herschend pounds on Branson city government. Apparently, the City of Branson may eliminate their health inspection department which could create problems for the county. He also pounds on Schaefer who is trying is looking for a zoning change to satisfy a need for Huffman who's buying his property.