Branson's Crooked Mayor Raeanne Presley & KY3 (Media Aligns Contractually With Poltician)

It's no wonder the public has soured to media companies when wicked alliances are forged in disregard to democracy. While these types of arrangements are standard in fascist nations - under Raeanne Presley's Branson a minor dictatorship is solidified with the assistance of integrity free media outlets,  Iranian style. Remember, Presley wasn't elected in a normal fashion and couldn't have won an election fairly - unfortunately scruples aren't her strong point. Former Branson Mayor Lou Schaefer was having economic trouble and unlike Presley failed to feast like a pig on public tax troughs. Scheafer got behind on his taxes. An inside Presley loyalist at Branson City Hall had Schaefer removed from the ballot leaving Presley alone - old school USSR style. There wasn't a choice on the ballot. This is how her reign of terror on the Branson economy began.

Because Presley is so used to getting away with dishonesty this investigative research is being produced to demonstrate the basic blueprint for corruption and the marriage of Politician and the Press - not even a bribe - a straight partnership. It's been suggested that a phone call was made to Presley denying the allegation of collaboration with KY3. It is my intention to prove beyond any doubt that such a statement is an outright lie. Interestingly, there is a documentary about Prelsley called "We always Lie to Strangers". While Presley may serve the father of lies, this is not indicative of the community and brings such shame that the movie hasn't even played in Branson.

Having personally been illegally detained by Edict of Presley on numerous occasions (persistent violations of 1st and 4th Amendment rights) I pretty much have two choices. I can continue to let my family and community suffer or I can risk death and speak truth to action. I'm choosing the latter as financial mishandling threaten the future of Branson in a very real way.

Branson Visitor TV is co-owned by Presley but interestingly enough the mailing address is in Springfield MO at Schurz Communications Headquarters. The FCC filings indicate the address of Branson Visitor TV as P.O. Box 3500   Springfield, MO 65807. As you can see on the Schurz Communications website aka KY3 and  Branson Visitor TV are based at the same location.

Branson residents might remember the CW and note these programs are not available anymore. Instead, under the guise of tourist information; a storyline advertising Prelsley Theater as Branson's first entertainment venue (another ridiculous lie) can be seen. While the research has not been conducted the many hours of Presley Theater documentaries and advertisements are probably due to an operation where programming is literally paid for by state tax dollars through operatives in Jefferson City (a retraction will be made in the rare event that this isn't another money laundering operation so common under the Presley ethic) . This has not yet been substantiated but is being suggested based on the assumption that Raeanne Presley lacks any shred of moral fiber altogether. Back to the fornication of politician and press: (MISSOURI FILM COMMISSION)

While a marriage of politician and press may benefit the politician and help generate massive revenue for the media company its the public that gets screwed. For a broader view and the history of Schurz, KY3, KSPR and Branson Visitor TC you can review the Wikipedia page for K15CZ.

Branson Visitor TV actually is actually K17DL. The call letters are indicative of the license from the Federal Communications Commission which manages broadcast permits. If you notice, political office, KY3, Schurz and Prelsley's Branson Visitor TV are used interchangeably. The license was established in 2009 by incumbant Presley with the assistance of then sitting State Senator Jack Goodman. Here's more: