Branson Police Department - TEX - Police Complaints - Independent Community Review Board (Draft)

Branson PD Not Guilty of Brutality (In this instance)
It's my opinion, Officer William Reynolds made three errors during his arrest of Tex. 

1. He jumped the gun by 30 seconds to see if he could take Tex (Bad Idea). Backup was in eyesight about 200 yards away when Tex was punched to stun. Officer Reynolds training at the Christian County Jail ; a facility with particularly tough protocols for handling humans. As a result of my report and potential damage to his reputation I contacted Hollister City Administrator Rick Zigenfuss and asked if we could find him a job. I also recommended he contact Missouri Adjucant General Danner for training on United States Army Police Action training which is much more humane than civilian protocols. It is my assumption that Reynold's Alpha personality may be beneficial to the State of Missouri or United States Government.  For Branson, forced deportation to a prisoner holding facility should be minimum. 

2. Reynolds put the heat on during transit of a prisoner causing undue pain and suffering further exciting the suspect. Reynolds was also forced to drive alone. Branson Police Department procedures should force prisoner transport accompaniment. No officer should have to make the trip alone; particularly the arresting officer proceeding a physical conflict. Tex applied undo stress with a violently graphic description of execution technique. 

3. Maximum force was used by police guidelines not minimum needed. We need a human rights metric and should acknowledge an unaggressive posture as surrender not resistance. If a man is in submissive protest: Watch in awe . Grab a hamburger, relax. A wrong move at this moment of an arrest could be the difference between a million dollar lawsuit and a peaceful capture. If you're busy and sick of waiting - grab a boom box and make him listen to Justin Bieber on repeat. He'll surrender - quick. Lastly, holding a prisoner is costly to taxpayers and actually ends up increasing crime in the long run.

Other than those three things I believe Reynolds is not guilty of "brutality" by any stretch of the imagination and should be held blameless; however, through the course of investigation it has come to my attention that some police officers have submitted false testimony at the courthouse, treated people with undue lack of respect and have acted in a way to generate a high volume of complaints. 

Those complaints are being purchased for nearly $1k and will be made available to a committee in Branson. The goal of the committee is to protect the integrity of the police force, review complaints, acquire input from a diverse group of Branson Citizens and increase resource provision for the best police force (small army) in America. It is not to punish but rather to make better.

Branson Police Chief Mischief 
Normal IL Police Chief raised Branson Police Department unit cohesion, implemented personell policies which decreased stress on the force; improved community relations and helped citizens organize voluntarily to reduce Meth Production. His strategy was effective however, his integrity has come into question. A police chief must be above refute and press releases organized in conjunction with media outlets and unqualified individuals damaged the City of Branson's reputation at a critical time. Most citizens don't understand the difference between a "formal complaint" and a "pissed off phone intercourse" with the Chief of Police. A nationwide press release was issued with the assistance of former co-worker "the Branson Public Relations Director"

Presley's and the FCC
A formal complaint was filed against Branson Visitor TV a partnership with Schurz (parent company of KY3 and KSPR) for impeding diversity in broadcasting. During the Coverdell VS Empire District Electric court proceedings Presley assisted Gene Hartley in blocking access to Missouri's  38th Circuit Court. Hartley, an interactive media manager for Shurz, denied courtroom camera access on the basis that Internet based news organizations do not qualify for camera access. Presley and the board of alderman appear at hearings and revel in their censorship capabilities. These expensive legal maneuvers are driving the city bankrupt.
FCC Submission Confirmation: 2000AAcknowledgement of Submission from Darin Codon on 07/11/2013, reference number 13-C00510535.Thank you for your information. The FCC will contact you if additional information is required. Please keep this information for future reference.
Editor's Personal History
At 8 years old my school teacher slapped me out of my chair. I barely remember the incident but started exhibiting all types of strange behavior - hurt people, hurt people. My school teacher at Maple Hill Elementary School was a Jehovah's Witness and didn't want to hang a flag in the classroom. I left my seat, marched to the principles office, requested the school charter and identified the ordinance requiring the teacher to hang a flag. My father, a prominent attorney, told the teacher he knew I could be a pain and didn't sue the school district. Later when my mom wasn't looking he said, "Good job son, you have a very special mission in life from your heavenly father, don't worry about what authority says to you, listen to God". I don't really remember being hit but I do remember the blessing he gave me.