Taney County Gets More Stimulus Cash

Taney County Energy Grant Announcement (Taney County Commission PR)

Taney County, Missouri, March 11, 2010: The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has formally announced that Taney County has been awarded a Public Building Energy Efficiency Retrofits grant through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s (ARRA) Energize Missouri Communities in the amount of $174,999.00.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) sought proposals during 2009 from eligible applicants that would reduce the energy use of cities and counties, have a positive impact on their budgets, and enhance the economic development in Missouri through job creation. Taney County was selected out of 86 applicants and received the award notice in a letter dated March 5th from DNR applauding the county’s initiative and offering congratulations on the development of a strong project that will result in improved energy savings and economic benefits for the citizens of our state.

Taney County Stimulus Coordinator, Ron Houseman stated “This particular grant has proved more labor intensive than any other grant awarded to Taney County during the past 12 months. This was a monumental undertaking involving Taney County, Hollister, Mark Twain, and Kirbyville Schools, Taney County Health, Western Taney County Fire, City of Branson, and the Taney County Airport.”

The effort to pursue energy grant funds came from an informational email sent through the National Association of Counties. Western Commissioner Jim Strafuss read the article, called Association Staff, researched the opportunity, and put together a county team to pursue the grant process. Commissioner Strafuss named Ms. Joan Chowning within the county department of economic development, Mrs. Jillian Rulon serving in the commission office and Mrs. Linda Gifford in county purchasing to the team. Later Mrs. Debbie Redford and Ms. Barbara Bohley were added as grant writers and Rod Finkle as engineer.

Commissioner Strafuss noted “The grant was multi-faceted and complicated; requiring numerous players (cities, schools, fire districts, etc), energy studies, energy recommendations, and was drawn out literally over several months.”

Commissioner Pennel said “He was tickled pink to see all the entities working together and all those that did the legwork”.

Commissioner Strahan stated “The entire team is to be commended for their hard work and diligence, with special thanks to Mrs. Jillian Rulon, Mrs. Debbie Redford and Ms.Joan Chowning.”

The grant was formally discussed, accepted and approved by the Taney County Commission on Thursday March 11th on behalf of all participating entities.

The Commission commented that this award is a great example of what cooperation, hard work, and perseverance can do.