Taney County Commission Audit Update

From the Taney County Commission Notes:

Commissioner Strafuss informed citizens that the State Auditor’s office had contacted him with an estimate of $60,000.00 for an audit of one office. The Auditor’s office urged the County to create a list of particular concerns which the State could then use to estimate the cost of a possible audit.
Bob Schanz discussed the previous article in the Branson Trilakes News and the estimated audit cost amount in the article being incorrect. He stated the possible cost amount could be $100,000.00, and the cost being a worthy amount. He pointed out the following areas as being of particular concern: the County’s dwindling rainy-day fund, and the fact that it has been ten years since the County has been audited by the State. Mr. Schanz would request an audit of all departments.
Rick Findley agreed the $250,000.00 audit amount was an incorrect figure. He said the State suggested the County look to the current auditing company for aide, as the State is very busy. He also explained there are different audits which can be performed. He requested that Mr. Schanz create a specific list of concerns. The Commission and the County Clerk provided Mr. Schanz with a copy of the County’s recent audit.
Commissioner Strahan spoke regarding his ongoing request for a grand jury review of the County’s operations.
Commissioner Pennel spoke regarding the TIF payments in the Accounts Payable for the day.