Branson Liquor Ordinance Continues to Prove Dismal Failure 14 of 44 Businesses Cited

Branson's foreign slave labor market is well protected under Presley's dismally failing liquor ordinance enacted at a cost of over $100,000 to taxpayers.

Over $50,000 was paid in attorney's fees to move liability from the person who commits the crime to the business owners that permit the serving of alcohol.

Instead of licensing individuals with a user fee, the current ordinance includes a massive spending increase to generate negative press against business's who serve alcohol.

While the Fed's eye Branson's thriving foreign labor market city leaders have continued to reject proposals to curb importation of slave labor - generally imported from Eastern Europe and a select few third-world countries.

Under Kansas City's liquor licensing program, servers are required to have a backround check, pay a small fee and take a short test. The general cost to the city to provide a license is under one dollar per person. Felons, illegal laborers and even fines owed to the city are flagged before a server can get licenseed.

In Branson this creates a problem. Protecting victims of the slave market could mean higher wages for Branson's legal workforce and the Mayor Raeanne Presley's personal business. Licensing efforts that would reduce city tax burdens and thwart Branson's thriving forced labor and prostitution industry were firmly rejected by Branson's mayor and board of aldeman.

Instead, the sting operations clearly indicate Branson's current efforts are a dismal failure. 14 of 44 businesses were cited for serving alcohol to minors during a recent sting operation:

--Ernie Biggs, 505 Branson Landing Blvd.;
--Chili's Bar & Grill, 1150 Branson Hills Pkwy.;
--Shorty Small's Dockside Bar, 7 N. Boardwalk;
--Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse, 915 Branson Landing Blvd.;
--El Portal, 1305 W. Missouri 76;
--Fuddruckers, 1615 W. Missouri 76;
--Ruby Tuesday, 2206 W. Missouri 76;
--Elenita's Mexican Restaurant, 3522 Keeter St.;
--La Vera Cruz, 158 Pointe Royale;
--The Dawg House, 1117 Missouri 165;
--Shorty Small's, 3270 Yellow Ribbon Road;
--Buckingham's Restaurant, 2820 W. Missouri 76;
--Charlie's Steak Ribs & Ale, 3009 W. Missouri 76; and
--Starvin Marvin's, 3400 W. Missouri 76.