John Joslyn Honored by Springfield Press

(Video Produced by Darin Codon 2007)John Joslyn is a living museum of mass media. The era of with Joslyn's innovation and contribution to journalism marks behemoth production resources that will never be seen again.
The Springfield Business Journal recently honored Joslyn noting he's one of 12 people you need to know.
The video was one of three originally shot at Music City Center several years ago, a venue which will feature performances by the Osmond Family during Branson's 2010 tourist season.
Back in the day, journalists could dive into the deep pockets of media companies to accurately and thoroughly investigate stories.
Some of the investigative journalism projects Joslyn was involved in are epically noted in media history. The television penetration near the 1980's onset of cable into US houses enabled production budgets of a proportion not dreamed of today.
He was with Jeralso during the opening of Capone's vault and under the sea with the Titanic.
Less well known is Joslyn's investigation to the murder of a Kennedy....