Taneycobama Bridge to Open Fall 2010 (Update City Leaders Plan Forum Oct 18th

Taneycobama Bridge and Taneycomo bridge by Darin Codon
In 1931 dedication of a bridge which carries an estimated 18,000 cars daily across Lake Taneycomo changed the face of Branson.
After years of negotiation between the city of Branson, Hollister and Taney County officials a funding pact was established to build a new bridge.
A massive spending spree by Branson's city leaders in 2008 which is continuing to this day would have caused the commitment to deplete Branson's entire savings.
Obama's stimulus package funded the bridge as the project was shovel ready at the time the Federal funding bill was enacted. Two years later the bridge is near completion. The Taneycobama bridge is seen to the left of the photo above and to the right sits bridge built in 1931.
The old bridge will be retrofitted to maintain engineering integrity which will take place once the original bridge is open for traffic and will continue for one year.
Two major problems are being addressed by Branson city leaders. The highly congested route will not connect to Business 65 and the light that connects 76 to the Branson Landing will be closed to not increase congestion.
The second problem is the Taneycobama bridge won't have an adequate lane for foot traffic. A four inch line will be painted for the few pedestrians that travel by foot from Hollister to Branson.
On Oct 18th @ 6:00 PM Branson's Engineer David Miller will present the plan and open up for questions