City of Branson Sunshine Law Violations Will Result in Temporary Halt - Will Resume reporting shortly

Due to an effort by Mayor Raeanne Presley to persistently violate open government and civil rights laws a brief break is being taken and a multitude of next steps are being considered.

It's unfortunate that some politicians show little respect for the constitution of the United States, the state of Missouri and openly violate open government laws. This is generally the result of corruption and malfeasance of the highest degree. Open government laws are the enemy of corruption, halt money laundering and force self-serving interests to decline due to accountability.

It is clear the government body of which I am reporting on has no interest in demonstrating integrity with finances, municipal activity nor willing to submit to the law which protects us from the very worst of politicos.

This is our government, not the financier of one B-Entertainment venue with tremendous disrespect for the people who fought and died for liberty.

I believe in peace and the power of the pen to overcome the most sinister and self-serving bureaucrats who believe public funds and information are their private domain.

It's my intention to work and serve you - the citizens - and protect you from the overreaching power of those who are actively working to drain the budgets, misinform the citizens and cause harm to the community for their own selfish gain. National, state and local reporters routinely call when they need information about local public bodies. It is through dedicated study, courage, love of truth and the hope that freedom's ring can be heard for another generation that I write. Call me selfish, but I love my family and want them to remain free.

I am only a scorekeeper. I do not believe in violence as a means to solve problems. I believe in the power of citizen government and maintain the right to keep ourselves free and self-governed is an imperative to liberty not to mention constitutionally protected.

To be free and self governed we need vital information.  We have a right and deserve to know what "our" government is doing. The job of journalism is to keep us free and self-governed.

In Branson, our budget is not a personal pocketbook for the Presley Theater. It is not a capitalistic venture for a handful of media business partners of the Presley theater to whore. It is not a force to prevent minorities from performing in public. It is not an entity to be used for the purpose of denying personal property rights. It belongs to all of us collectively.

Our police force is not a personal army to terrorize those at political odds with irresponsible spending or to falsely detain citizens who chose to actively engage civic issues.

This is our government. This is our budget. This is our nation, state and community.

Due to the g-rated nature of this news source I will not go into the details of what has happened at the request of our politicians. I do not wish this treatment upon my allies, competitors or any being who could be called a child of God.

I will say this, To date I have experienced extreme acts of intimidation and have seen the devastation fruits of corruption birth. My physical body is routinely violated. I am regularly detained without cause, sometimes for hours. Access to public meetings is routinely blocked and excessive fees are levied to prevent me from reporting.

I realize that I am at political odds with a government entity that has proved fiscal responsibility is of little concern. But I am an American, I am a journalist and I strive to be fair. It would be unfair to my readers to allow application of terror to prevent me from reporting truth or cause undue bias.

I thank God I live in this country where we are still protected by the constitution and citizens have peaceful means of recourse to undo the damage caused by Godless leaders.

I want to thank my readers and those who provide leads; I could not do this without you. Most importantly I want to thank those who ask me questions. I have worked vigorously for you, so that you may not have to endure terror, harm to your private businesses or family due to the fact you want basic information about the government body charged with serving you.

It is time to review my options and for the next couple of days I will be posting information about the state of journalism throughout the world. Many developments have occurred over the last few weeks. Nations who have chosen to defy the will of God, who wants us to be free, have imprisoned my brethren of the pen.

Personal experience has led me to believe that true liberty comes from within as we submit ourselves to the creator and our higher purpose.

Rouseau said, "man is born free but everywhere he is in chains". This bondage is amplified when government chooses to negate the liberty we are born with. The implications of government action are vast and span most every aspect of our lives. Generally, it's not until the personal encroachment is blatant that we realize the importance of keeping tyranny at bay. By the time most citizens recognize this reality and begin to value their freedom it is too late.

The City of Branson will have every opportunity to correct their mistakes, violations of civil rights and re-commit themselves to abide by the law. They will also have the opportunity to be arrogant, disrespect the constitution and disregard the almighty. It is not my belief that this should continue without accountability. Unfortunately, when our leaders misbehave, we all pay the price.

I ask for your prayer. Pray for me and pray for our leaders that our father-in-heaven will bestow wisdom upon them.

Branson Edge Editor,
Darin Patrick Codon