Missouri House District 62 Special Election

Dismal voter turnout is expected today as Western Taney County and Eastern Stone County. Results will be posted here as the stats trickle in.

The vacancy left by Rep. Dennis Wood will send a new representative to Jefferson City for three months before the title of being the 62nd district representatives to Missouri's House will have to be defended.

Democrats are a no show. James Rynard was promoted as Stone County Democrats sacrificial cow but moved farms before the election. Unfortunately, 62nd District Dems weren't notified leaving no Democratic challenger for the seat.

Former Rep. Dennis Wood got a payraise before being ousted by term limits and appointed to the Stone County Commission leaving an unusual amount to power to the behind-the-scenes Stone County Republican players.

The 62nd Republican Primary gave some foreshadowing to what could be a heated contest come August.

New media played a substantial role in coverage as "Rumble with the Rabbi" Dr. Eukel hosted competitors for the seat - sustained by the party membership as opposed to an election.

Republican victor Nita Jane Ayres battles L:ibertarian Patty Tweedle.  Tweedle and Ayres participated in a political discussion prior to today's election hosted by Brad Belote.

Tweedle calls herself a Reagan Republican swayed to the Libertarian party by Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

During the debate Tweedle called for area voters to look for new tourism and industry segments that Branson could attract and called for less legislative restraints on business.

Ayres will likely be crowned for the state seat within hours.

Voter turnout will paint another story. It's expected to be at record lows. The dangerous trend seems to passing virally as Branson's City Elections are all but canceled as Presley appointees will walk into another session of Branson's Board of Alderman without challenge.