Branson Landing Bomb Disarmed by Robot

An explosive device was detonated via robotic assist last night at the Branson Landing.

Branson Public Relation spokesman Jerry Adams attributed a Branson Landing security guard's initiative to the quick capture of two individuals, soon to be indicted, responsible for the bombs presence at the TIF funded facility.

The expense of the private security force is partly financed under an agreement with the City of Branson.

The first suspect has been identified as a Florida resident who fled from an ATM machine after being approached by the Branson Landing security guard.

After being contacted, the Branson Police Department alerted federal agents from the  Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms (ATF). The ATF contacted the Springfield Fire Department who used robotic equipment to disarm a homemade pipe bomb.

The Branson Landing security guard tracked down the suspect using surveillance footage from the Promade Hilton, situated 100 yards from where the bomb was found.

Two guests of the Branson Hilton Promenade Hotel  were arrested in their rooms. The man, a Florida resident, identified by Branson Landing security was accompanied by a woman from Missouri whose pleas to recover a silver vehicle led Branson Police to the parking garage.

Commercial and Main Street near the Branson Landing parking structure were shut down from 5:30 to 10:00 this morning while the vehicle was inspected. An arsenal of fireworks was found in a silver vehicle which is currently impounded..

Retail shops at the Branson Landing opened on time. (Updating throughout day)