Personal Brief

2008 was a difficult year. I broke into the New Year with Chuck Norris after a late night of theological discussions with Mike Huckabee at a country club in Iowa and more theological discussions with Barack Obama's campaign manager.

State and national leaders would pay tribute to my daughter on film, recorded to let her know I care and love her in the wake of several parental kidnappings rewarded with a prosecutor's office faining impotence in upholding court ordered arrangements.

Haunted by testimony submitted to congress that fatherlessness leads to higher rates of teenage suicide, drug use and pregnancy -my deepest fears only minorly subdued by an occasional picture showing up on myspace.

I'd drive to pick up my child for court ordered custody transfer and my daughter wouldn't be home - taken to an unknown location - sometimes weeks before I'd hear from her. Heart breaking and give-a-crapper breaking events molded a year where faith in a legal system that fiscally benefits from the worst in men would be discussed.

In between interviews with politicos, I would worry about my daughter. Hundreds of calls would go unanswered, numbers changed and my child would disappear on holidays when I'd go to pick her up.

In August, I would learn there is no remedy to enforce custody and my daughter would be registered in school under her mother's maiden name and legal enforcement of the act would be impossible. The give-a-crapper completely broken; I'd tear down the firewall and allow dozens of posters to write unabated after two hacks.

Branson City Council would radically change the government strucure, enact massive spending measures running the city into a deficit during 22 months of record revenue. With the help of a politico time share scam artist both stories would go unreported.

Just a taste of 2008