Branson Citizens Getting Help Through Request Line

City of Branson Press Release

City responds to 178 calls in 2008

Branson residents are finding the Citizens’ Service Request Line useful in getting action on concerns and questions they have about the city and its operations.
According to Branson Public Information Director Jerry Adams, the number of calls to the 24-hour request line in 2008 totaled 178, up from the 165 calls in 2007.
“Through this request line, we are able to provide information and solutions to problems in a timely manner to citizens on a variety of subjects regarding the city, its departments and policies,” Adams said.

The city instituted the request line to be more responsive to residents’ concerns, and to make it convenient for citizens to place one call to get problems resolved rather than being phone transferred to several departments.

The city also implemented an on-line service request through the city of Branson’s government website. Citizens can e-mail their requests directly to the public information office. Adams said he received 35 requests for service through this e-mail option. The city’s website address is

“Most of the calls concern repairs or improvements that need to be made on city property and violations of the city’s property maintenance codes,” said Adams.

According to Adams, the goal of his department is to respond to all requests within five working days. That doesn’t mean the problem can always be corrected in five days. Sometimes repairs take longer, but the city keeps the caller informed of the progress, and when completed, the city asks the citizen if the resolution meets with his or her satisfaction.

The Citizens’ Service Request line phone number is 337-8502, and it’s available 24/7. A recorded message greets the callers who are then asked to leave their request. Adams said any caller can remain anonymous if he or she chooses. All request line messages and e-mails are checked daily.
“We have been very pleased with the success of the request line because it gives all residents a chance to take an interest in the appearance, health and safety of our city,” said Adams.