Branson Tourism Up - Sliver Dollar City Down

An effective misinformation campaign can help hide cover incompetence and in the case of the current Branson administration - severe fiscal irresponsibility.

In short, Branson Revenue is at an all time high but unable to sustain new expenditures
, such as Presley's multi-million dollar handout to the Taney County Health Department. Unfortunately, the new expenditures, unlike the management philosophy of the last decade lack economic stimulus components. In fact the opposite is true, the new political environment is cursed with an anti-growth agenda which has strangled the construction industry. For the first time in a decade construction projects in Branson proper have come to a screeching halt.

The revenue increase in Branson comes from the economic development activities of the past administration which brought several new projects including the Branson Landing, the Sight and Sound Theater and subsidization for a new airport.

The Landing is the goose that lays golden eggs bringing in a new demographic which the current administration promises to kill with a new era "Prohibition Act" going into effect at the beginning of the year. New legislation will create barriers and both increased licensing fees and legal responsibility on business owners that choose to serve alcohol.