Branson Leaders Have a new campaign strategy

Put your boots on, Raeanne Presley's laying it on thick.

Presley, the first mayor to run a deficit budget in a decade, (with revenues at an all time high mind you) published a press release in the Springfield Business Journal today promoting open government and fiscal responsibility.

Tomorrow, perhaps, another press release will run announcing Osama Bin Laden's conversion to Christianity.

When Presley took office, Branson's City Coffer's packed 10 million dollars in savings. Of course, that was before Presley's multi-million dollar handout to the County Health Department and another pork flavored check to Skaggs Hospital.

After seeing the City of Branson was leaking money, Branson Alderman Stephen Marshall demanded answers and someone to point a finger at in a Branson Daily News article, that is until the facts pointed to the current administration.

On the Branson Edge, Branson sales trends were posted until the Presley administration began locking down on "Information Flow" and consistently denying Sunshine Requests.

In lieu, Branson Alderman have found new means to restrict open government which include "canvassing" in a continuous two year retail politicking cycle where sitting alderman go door to door enforcing prejudices dispersing questionable data below the radar of a meaningful press.

Quick question for the Springfield Business Journal, "Which Email Address Did the Press Release come from?"