Yakov TV Show Launches Saturday

Yakov Smirnoff will launch a new television show on KY3 Saturday.
From a press release posted earlier this week:
"Yakov Smirnoff announced today that his new TV Talk Show pilot will air on KY-3 TV on Saturday, November 22 at 9:00 pm. Yakov's guests for this episode are ventriloquist & comedian Jim Barber and his wife Diane; author Willard Harley who wrote the book "His Needs, Her Needs;" and an amazing couple, Ray & Irma Ziff, who have been married for over 75 years. "My new TV talk show is a cross between Dr. Phil and Ellen, where it's a lot of entertainment and a little bit of information, so you can learn and laugh your Yak-Off," says Yakov. "My guests were great fun and an inspiration to us all. Tune in on the 22nd and you'll find out why Law & Order got pre-empted for Love & Laughter!"

Full Press Realease
(Photo Yakov with Hulshofs by Darin Codon)