Branson Finance Numbers Coming out - Editorial

New data regarding Branson's finances will come out this week. Branson sales tax over the year 12 month rolling funds will reveal overall city income is at an all time high and though Branson may be somewhat recession proof it's certainly not Raeanne Presley proof, though the coverup is impressive. The sycophantic worship of Presley by time-share scamster Gary Godless is always a fine read.

I'm impressed. It's simply amazing how irresponsible government can be counteracted with an effective misinformation campaign. As one local news director proclaimed, "In Public Relations you eventually have to lie."

The shell game involved firing everyone in the finance department and nearly everyone at city hall with an IQ over 120. Word to city employees who want to keep their jobs, "Play Dumb".

The total money drain to the Taney County health department still hasn't been properly tabulated and Presley's million dollar witch hunt to find corruption with the past administration still remains fruitless though millions in favors to Presley's political partners is subsidized by the success of the Branson Landing - the very project Presley was elected to "clean up". It's sort of like hiring Stalin to clean up Lenin's mess - the solution creating far more problems than the original issue.

There's a lesson to learn here and it involves show business. While Presley plays Kirby Van Birch with city finances, personality plays a role. When a "financially involved" press plays Bambi all types of illusions can be pulled off effectively.

In a recent New York Times article Presley promoted balanced budgets. The article made me so happy I almost cried. Then I saw the city numbers and the sincere lack of integrity Branson city leaders have been demonstrating and I did cry.

Speaking of outright dishonesty, Presley's promise to "restore open government" is the biggest illusion of the current administration. Branson's Mayor Presley has found a whole new way to introduce "closed door government" - funneling e-mail to a private address. Her personal e-mail address has been printed on city stationary and a direct link from the City of Branson website. Sunshine requests for these documents have been repeatedly denied since the takeover by Sandra "the leak" Williams who collaborated with Gary G. to overthrow the leadership of former administrator Terry Dody- a boss she truly hated.

Sometimes in politics, personality trumps practicality. Dody wasn't good at passing out warm fuzzy's rather looking at his job as improving city income. On the flip, Preslsy's very good at "show business" but lacking in common sense fiscal management and responsibility, unless the purpose of Branson's government is to increase funding for Skaggs Hospital and draining city savings - in which case, she's a great leader.