Branson Passes Deficit Budget Despite Increase in Tax Revenue

Despite modest decreases in Branson's highly subsidized theater industry sales tax is at an all time high.

While Branson's income has increased spending is at an all time high. As a result, the city has moved from several years of savings to a serious deficit which has been reported on this website for over a year.

The facts have taken some time to come to light; however, the Branson Daily News ran the story of Branson's 12 million dollar surplus moving to a $6 million dollar deficit in one year....

It's with no pleasure that I post this story; but, it is nice to be vindicated after having the unfortunate responsibility of reporting Branson's city administration's fiscal mismanagement and taking heavy fire for it. But, I'd rather Branson practice fiscal responsibility and the philosophy of balanced budgets spoken but not practiced.

BDN Story