Branson Mayoral Race - Dec 16th Filing Begins

Branson's mayoral position will be up for grabs again with filing beginning December 16th.

An objective look at political favors and cash flow exiting the city seems to reveal a re-election bid by Presley before moving on to another position at the state level. Clearly, political favors and cash rewards to entities outside of Branson indicate Presley is using her position as a stepping stone - or rather stepping on the Branson economy to further her political career (you can bookmark this one).

Why else would a politico flow cash to entities far from contributing taxpayers responsibility and far from the benefit of the city she's managing ?

Demographics show Presley performs well with older women with a high school education and below.

Meanwhile, at city hall, Raeanne Presley has tightened up on revealing documents in a semi-successful battle against open government and the Sunshine Law (not yet challenged in court). This appeals to the old-school Branson leadership who once ruled with a mafia style approach and Presley's successful restoration of a monolithic leadership structure designed to decrease worker wages to the benefit of an old-school watch with a kung-fu grip on tax dollars. There is millions of dollars at stake and a conscious effort to send higher paying jobs outside of the county.

Ironically, Presley's target market is the most harmed by the implementation of her fiscal policy. While Taney County is the third highest in state revenue it's also ranks as the third highest poverty rate in Missouri and a few beneficiaries like it that way. The Branson Chamber of Commerce fought hard to block a minimum wage increase when the issue came up on the state value a couple years ago. Presley has taken an additional $30,000 from Branson's budget to finance and support the "almost private" (they take millions in tax funds) to support the Branson Chamber political agenda.

Presley's solution - socialist style housing. The effective code word for this strategy is "Work Force Housing". Though beneficial if it involves federal and state funding, Presley isn't that patient and is moving to take millions in loans to initiate housing projects at local taxpayers expense. These socialist style housing projects generally raise demand for law enforcement as "Section 8" housing is historically synonymous with higher crime and decreased property values for nearby neighborhoods.

In Branson newspaper men make special deals with politicians. Tn an open meeting, pretendo journalist Gary G. successfully asked for the completion of a road near his newly purchased home. The writer gave some nice cookies in the form of news articles and is a main player in the coverup of Branson's money drain promoting tax increases several times running.

Is Presley beatable? It'll be hard enough and possibly dangerous for a political contender, particularly if database resources from the city continue to be laundered to her political campaign.