Senator Kit Bond endorses Guiliani

Kansas City Star reports:
Sen. Kit Bond made good on his promise to endorse Rudy Giuliani for president today.

"He has the right vision for America," Bond told a press conference at a downtown Washington hotel. "I think it’s time we make ‘America’s mayor’ America’s next president."

Bond becomes chairman Giuliani's Missouri campaign and co-chairman of his national effort.

Giuliani was "very happy" to have Bond’s support. He noted that the Missouri primary would be held Feb. 5, basically a national primary day when voters in more than 20 states will cast ballots. The former New York mayor called Missouri and the early states "enormously critical."

"He knows that al-Qaida and the brand of terrorism that it brings is the greatest danger and greatest threat to our country in the years to come," he said.

Bond opposes abortion. Giuliani supports a woman's right to choose, although since he has been running for president he has called it "morally wrong."

Asked how he squares their opposing views, Bond said afterward that Giuliani was for "strong parental notification" and opposes partial birth abortions.

"Frankly, I'm very comfortable with his position," Bond said.

The four-term senator also took a stab at some humor.

"Rudy’s a big city mayor from New York and I’m a small town boy from Missouri and governor," Bond said, referring to his hometown of Mexico, Mo. — population 11,000. "He’s a Yankees fan and I’m a Cardinals fan. We both had bad years last year."

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