Branson Missouri Winter Poverty

I have never experienced poverty like I have during the Branson off-season. In many ways Branson is the ultimate Libertarian realization. Entrepreneurial opportunities are abundant and with longevity can be realized; though the transient nature of the community means unwariness about new-comers and the ideas they bring with them. I’ve seen great business ideas fail while waiting for community trust to yield a green light. Each year the gap closes – the season extends - and the idea of a year long flow of industry comes a step closer to reality. The Chamber of Commerce has engaged initiatives such as Hot Winter Fun designed to promote tourism during the off season.
Some businesses are creating their own brand of demand creation. The Titanic has made an effort this year to start a few new traditions. From a New Year’s fireworks show (which I hope the city allows next year) an annual ice sculpture contest and tricks yet revealed the museum’s effort is creating demand for Branson when the streets are empty. Other commercial ventures bring promise as well. Digital television initiatives, still unveiled offer Branson entertainment products which don’t demand traffic buildup on highway 76 ; however, as of today, layoffs are a part of the seasonal flux which most workers prepare for and the unemployment lines resemble Silver Dollar City during the peak season.