Branson Area Firefighter Responds to Fire At His Own House

Exclusive ....Breaking (Photo By Darin Codon Courtesy of KRZK)
Lieutenant Jason Sandvos a volunteer firefighter for the The Southern Stone County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a house catching on fire this afternoon. The house happened to be his own. As a first reponder Jason helped contain the blaze that totaled the mobile home. Becuase of the close proximity to the fire station Sandbos the fire was contained quickly and some of his personal belongings, ie clothes were recovered. A devastated Sandvos fell to his knees in shock after the fire was put out.
A fellow firefighter offered Sandvos a place to stay while arrangements could be made. A fund for Jason has already been established. Donations are currently being accepted at Ozark Mountain Bank and can be deposited in the firefighter's name. A benefit "luncheon" is currently been planed as well. A press release will be issued later this evening.
The report will include the fact that the fire began with a malfuntioning common cell phone charger left plugged into an outlet.

**Correction: Sandvos was working a day shift; which is paid. Sandvos volunteers in addition to his regular daytime duties.
Volunteer firefighters go through the same certification as their paid co-workers. Firefighter 1 certification involves 4 months of training a practical and written evaluation. They put thier lives on the line when someone is having the worst day of their lives. Let's help him with his.