We interrupt This Blog for WWW III - Brought to you by Wal-Mart

Newt Gingrich announced we're in World War III this week; however, his more loyal subjects claim it's acutally WWW IV (they count the cold war as three). This blog is reserved for information about Branson; so, I'll creatively integrate the three topics addressed so far.

{By the way Gallagher NOT H/BROTHER has an 11:00 show at Moe Bandy's Theatre Awesome}

I've had some communication's with a 17 year old from a bunker in Isreal. This is relevant as she reports about bombings in Nazareth - considering our local religous affilliations ...there's little to expain nor a need to tie the relevance. The image above is from her post today.

Let's bring this really close to home. I'm talking about World War III here and China's #7 largest trade partner - yes, nations included. Without a doubt this partner - who regularly jails journalists often turned in by American Companies such as Yahoo and gives the green (and I mean greebacks) light to search engines who "voluntarily" filter keywords such as freedom and democracy - this partner (as I was saying) - who undoubtedly through financial contributions has assisted China with building countless nuclear bombs (take GNP % Defense Spending x's (cost * Number of Nukes build this year) x's %Multinational Corporation Contributions to Economy)is being subsidized by the City through TIFF funds.)

New Policy: Anyone who supports facism, jailing those who promote democracy and partake in financing political censorship shouldn't be allocated revenue away from local schools. After all isn't this just burning the flag?