Branson Makes Benton A Believer

This article was printed in the Benton Daily News this Week.

ARA) - Once you've visited Branson, you'll be a believer. Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, the new Branson is shattering old stereotypes.

Here are some common perceptions about Branson and the reality of what the city has to offer:

Perception: Branson is a sleepy little town filled with senior tour buses.

Reality: Branson is a small, but vibrant town nestled amidst sparkling lakes in the heart of the beautiful Ozark Mountains. While it remains a popular spot for seniors, Branson is frequented and enjoyed by visitors and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

Perception: Branson is the place to see live performances.

Reality: Branson is filled with adventure. Yes, there are nearly 100 different shows to choose from, but Branson also offers much more. Visitors enjoy exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, biking, fishing, boating and water sports. In addition, there's exceptional dining and shopping as well as exciting theme and adventure parks, including Celebration City, Silver Dollar City and White Water.

Perception: One visit to Branson is enough.

Reality: Thousands of visitors and families return to Branson again and again. Many make the Branson Lakes Area an annual family adventure. Branson remains one of the most popular destinations in the United States - a unique place where children, parents and grandparents can all vacation together and find something for everyone to enjoy.

Perception: Branson is a summertime destination.

Reality: Summertime crowds are bigger, but Branson offers a wide variety of special winter holiday shows, a spectacular light display and enough shopping and dining alternatives to satisfy any taste.

Seeing is believing in Branson, and you can see Branson from land, sea or air. On land, you can walk or drive through the Branson Lakes area, admiring the scenery. On the water, you can enjoy a festive dinner cruise or experience the view from a World War II era amphibious vehicle. From the air, you can see Branson and the surrounding Ozark Mountain area via a helicopter ride or from a tethered helium balloon soaring 500 feet into the sky.