Kirby Van Burch 2011 DUI Arrest Record Magically Appears Despite Coverup

If there is one magical mystery I'd like to steal from Kirby Van Burch it's the black arts used to convince Branson's mayor to suppress police reports. Before I go any further I'd like to post the actual charges as obtained through official channels:

-------------Excerpt Official Document - Full Week Arrest Report ----
Book Date:    08/30/2011    Release Date:    08/31/2011
Additional Charges:
Bond:  / NB
    Primary Charge:    DRV W/INTOX/DRG(M A)

Book Date:    08/30/2011    Release Date:    08/30/2011
Additional Charges:




It is rather explicit from the Branson Police Department records that Kirby was detained on the 30th of August 2011 for 1. Driving While Intoxicated 2. Possession of Opium or an analog (similiar compound) 3. No insurance for the vehicle Kirby was driving at the time the incident occurred.

Why Haven't Local Media Outlets Reported the Story ?
In an unusual move Branson held the weeks arrest report from the press.

Local news outlets have still failed to report the story unlike other similar incidents prior to Mayor Raeanne Presley taking office. In 2003 when Kirby Van Burch was accused of assaulting a police officer, drunk driving (took out a few signs), and fleeing the scene of an accident, a Branson Police Department  press release was issued. In this case, the incident was actively covered up.

After formal request the Branson Police Department responded in a courteous and efficient manner. The request was found nearly a month after the discovery when it was immediately posted. At the time, Branson's prosecuting attorney hadn't passed the information to the county. Under a new Missouri law municipalities are required to send second offense DUI's to the Circuit Court. This prevents persistent drunk driving offendors from evading charges due to a municipal relationship. The case is currently being reviewed by the prosecutor.

If Ameica has Judeo-Christian roots it is clearest in the declaration that all men are created equal and thus deserve equal treatment under the law.

But while our Mayor has yet to recuse herself from negotiating contracts with entities she has a conflicting fiduciary relationship with; allowing marketing and lobbying partners alternative treatment when they commit crime is a form of witchcraft Branson can do without.