Branson's First PRO/AM MMA Fights Tonight At Branson Convention Center

Midwest Cage Fight entrepreneurs Right to Left Ron Safa, Tommy Tran, TJ Nobles
Hexagon Cage at Branson Convention Center fully setup

Hexagon cage being setup at the Branson Convention Center
Fighters being weighed in and blood work being evaluated by doctor
The Holiday Rumble, Branson's firt PRO/AM Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event is only hours away from starting. Everyone knows the desire for holiday brutality as the winds blow us closer to our relatives over turkey and stuffing.

Practitioners of karate, wrestling, boxing and other fighting disciplines sized each other up before chowing at a Chinese buffet on the Branson strip last night. An eerie silence and overkill of testrone filled the room as fighters eyed their competition in wait for clearance from both medical doctors and weigh-in by a certified official.

Over the past few weeks I've been able to get a view of the complexity of organizing a fighting event of this size. The production aspects are phenomenal, including audio, video and web production - all light work compared to buying appropriate insurance, and medical staff including Emergency Medical Technicians who will be on the scene with an ambulance.

The hexagon structure shown above will soon be layered with blood and sweat. Like Festivus, tonights first of its kind event at the Branson Convention  Center will showcase feats of strength and will.

Athletes trained in Karate, Taekwondo, boxing, wrestling and a wide variety of martial arts will square skills before a live audience in this first of it's kind event for Branson. 

Stay tuned for updated coverage