Branson Budget 2011 Scheduled to pass tonight - UPDATING THROUGH MEETING

6:00 PM Branson's Board of Alderman went into closed session this evening at approximately 6:00 PM, taking roll call and immediately breaking into closed session. Discussion regarding Branson Airport funding ensued during the closed session. Community organizations fought unanimously against the city's attempt  to honor the Branson Airport Contract

7:00 Opening Prayer, City Employee of the Month and Gary Groman's protest against airport funding precede budget

7:30 Branson Passes $70 million Dollar Budget without protest. This includes an $800,000 handout to the Taney County Health Department

7:40 Branson alters budget to pay airport 2010 debt leaving 2011 payments unfunded. $80,000 is coming from the Convention Center which is far under budget.The reduction in expense comes from Bill Durban's projection that the funds $177,550 is being taken from the demolition fund. City leaders agree that due to the fact an expense to blow up private property won't be used due to legal complexities of taking citizens property and using dynamite to blow it to smithereens.
This is the first reading. Alderman Sandra Williams and  Rick Davis voted against the bill.

7:45 Random Blogger asks board to trim the fat citing $800,000 handout to the Taney County Health Department and $87,000 the board is approving to spend on themselves.Alderwoman Cris Bohinc reminds crowd what fiscally responsible citizens they are.

7:55 Alderman Rick Davis criticized Branson City Administrator Dean Kruithof for taking "fat" out of the budget. He asked that Kruithof not "find" money for the airport in the future.