Branson Police Department Alcohol Compliance Checks - Unedited Release

On Saturday evening, the Branson Police Department conducted random compliance checks of establishments selling package liquor, to determine if clerks are verifying that the purchaser is of legal age to buy alcohol. Officers worked with the assistance of minors to conduct spot checks of twenty two businesses, finding that clerks in twenty of the businesses checked identification or accurately enforced the Missouri age restriction of being at least 21 years old to purchase alcohol. The minors working with officers were able to purchase alcohol in two of the twenty two locations. (Attached is a log sheet showing those establishments checked and the results from each.)

Citations for the sale of intoxicants to a minor were issued to those clerks violating the liquor code.

Caroll W. McCullough
Branson Chief of Police

Branson Police Department Alcohol Compliance Checks
Saturday December 11th, 2010
Alcohol Retail Location Address Compliance Yes/No
Casey’s 612 S. Bus. US65 YES
Dalton’s Express 1130 W. Hwy. MO76 YES
Pit Stop 1140 W. Hwy. MO76 YES
EZ Center 1905 W. Hwy. MO76 YES
Sunshine’s 1940 W. Hwy. MO76 YES
Pure Country Conoco 432 St. Hwy. MO248 NO
Country Mart 1447 St. Hwy. MO248 YES
Wine Company 1447 St. Hwy. MO248 YES
K-Mart 1477 St. Hwy. MO248 YES
White Oak Station 2153 St. Hwy. MO248 YES
Wal-Mart Supercenter 1101 Branson Hills Parkway YES
Target 1200 Branson Hills Parkway YES
Branson 1st Stop 220 Branson Hills Parkway YES
WalGreen’s 210 South Hwy MO165 YES
AJ’s One Stop 2652 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway YES
Branson Star Stop 3579 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway YES
Conoco Break Place 4017 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway YES
The Pantry 164 Fall Creek Drive NO
White Oak Station 3200 Green Mountain Dr. YES
76 Express 3305 W. Hwy. MO76 YES
Jubilee Foods 2210 W. Hwy. MO76 YES
Wal-Mart 2050 W. Hwy. MO76 YES