City of Branson Offers Property on Low Traffic Auction Site

No reserve auctioneer will sell Branson's surplus equipment according to a press release following an ordinance passed by city alderman. Why the low trafficked auctioneer was chosen is unknown; however, side deals with Branson's crooked mayor continue to abide. Business partner KY3 has been all too happy to help with the anti-integrity movement in Branson investing in the Mayor's private enterprises and issuing false reports on demand.

This week a clause promising Branson's intent to allocate appropriations was taken out of news reports despite overwhelming demand from local political and business leaders demanding Presley start honoring contractual obligations made by the city.

Presley has underhandedly offered millions to other interests including $800,000 to the Taney County Health Department before authorization from the board of alderman. Two years ago Presley promised a multi-million dollar handout to the geo-political entity would wean the city from the expense. Along with millions in assets contracts with the county and surrounding cities were handed to the tax supported entity. Presley's allocation of funds resulted in scolding from the city administrator and finance director during budget discussions. The money was promised after it was determined that the entity wouldn't be able to raise taxes as Presley helped plan. As part of the 2011 plan, fees will be raised and an additional health inspection will be required. Under the 2010 ordinance, restaurants receive 2 inspections, in 2011 they'll receive three.

The official release boasting of the contract from the little known auctioneer states:

The city of Branson is conducting another auction of surplus property on the Internet. The Internet auction runs now through December 1.

Items for sale include more than a dozen vehicles, computers, cameras, power tools, office equipment, fishing docks and many other items no longer needed by the city. More than 60 items on the auction block.

The city has contracted with Purple Wave Auction that specializes in Internet auctions. Bidders have the chance to view items, read descriptions and place bids from the convenience of their computers.

“This is a great opportunity for not only area residents and businesses but anybody, anywhere with a computer and access to the Internet to get some great bargains,” said Jerry Adams, Branson’s public information director.

Presley's "tertiary" relationship with the internet company is unknown.