Branson's Alderman Attempts to Dishonor Airport Contract Thwarted

The community responded with outrage as an effort led by Mayor Raeanne Presley to dishonor an agreement with the Branson Airport was met with a backlash from the public including several lobbying groups that have formerly backed Presley.
Instead of paying the owed bill, Branson Alderman have slated over $750,000 for attorney fees to dishonor an agreement which Branson's mayor fought against as a member of a board of directors working for a competing airport.
The devastating economic effects of dishonor and lack of basic integrity displayed by Presley have finally caused a turn of tides from those in the community that believe basic values should be honored.
For most in Taney County, a handshake and a man's word are important. Branson's Mayor needs to realize that continued deception will not be tolerated. (Coverage to Continue)