Tri-Lakes Tribune Issues Statement on Branson Alderman Developments

The Tri-Lakes Tribune issued a brief on Branson Alderman Developments. It should be noted that the rate increase was plotted by Mayor Raeanne Presley long before any utility rate increases went into effect.

More on the "Wicked Bird Idol"
The coward Groman issues an attack on the administrations past - once again - ignoring the millions in new expenditures the wasteful Presley administration is passing. If fat was integrity - he'd have some.

Let's Review:

Ten Points Gary Groman Won't Fess Up to
Journalist Tied to Time Share Fraud

For A Classic -
The Vulture's Holiday Proposal

Gary Groman - always willing to give a business partner a hand. Coward yes - journalist not hardly. By the way Gary didn't you tell me Craig Donze and your boss Mr. Lewis watch gaye porne. And, why were you looking a gaye porne?

Though Gary Groman ran gaye ads on his websites (the gaye rainbow flag with Eureka Springs on it) we were never really concerned with his orientation; however, since he made fun of people that were gaye - we thought we'd go ahead and run the story. Making fun of people for something they can't help isn't nice. Fat people can diet, therefore we don't consider this something off-limits. It is important to state that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins - the least of the vulture's transgressions.