Groman Pulls another Bait and Swith - Endorses Tax Increases Again

The Ole Seagull pulled another bait and switch in a multi-year effort to bring down the highly successful Branson Landing. The Branson Landing development is experiencing an upturn in revenue while outdated entertainment venues in Branson are catering to a 80+ crowd at a cost of millions to taxpayers. Through committee an old watch of politicos control Branson's purse strings who do a great job protecting their pocketbooks and little considering the future..
Gary Groman, a failed politician who poses as a journalist, wrote a piece discussing the terms of the Branson Landing debt arrangement to avoid openly discussing the new tax increases his business partner Mayor Raeanne Presley is getting ready to implement. Instead of addressing the millions of dollars in new debt Prelsey has pushed to her political partners the "pretend journalist" played a sideshow to undermine HCW and their achievements in Branson.
Groman has endorsed every tax increase proposed by geo-political entities in the Branson area over the past five years. Contrary to "public awareness" a utility rate increase is in the works as well. The raise isn't from utility companies but rather a tourism tax that Presley believes should be spent more towards marketing her personal business interests - Presley Theater - instead of helping Branson residents with lower utility bills.