Missouri Political News Service Tackles Lynn Berry

Missouri Political News Service picked up on the Branson Chamber of Commerce aka "Mayor Raeanne Presley Marketing and Money Laundering service" effort to censor the Branson Blog.

The threats originating from the Branson Police Department weren't mentioned in the story, nor the false arrest that occured to halt publishing of the Presley money laundering activities. The Branson Police Department claims "no arrest" ever occured.

The irresponsible fiscal activities of the Presley regime are forcing the city to raise taxes on Branson residents. The new tax levies are currently in the works.

Branson's current multi-million dollar budget isn't large enough to support the amount of money being sent to Presley's political and business partners which include Gary Groman and Larry Milton.

The rise of Larry Milton and Gary Groman came in the wake of a time-share scandal where many senior citizens were bilked out of their savings.

Groman was partners with "Ozark Ticket and Travel" - eventually shut down after the fallout of an FBI investigation forced the company into bankruptcy.

Though many experienced severe damages Groman got paid in full for his equity in Branson.com which Larry Miltion purchased for pennies on the dollar. None of the proceeds went to helping the families whose lives were destroyed.

Groman, not a person known for the attibutes of honesy and integrity, continues to hide the amount of money he exchanged with Milton. Both Groman and Milton continue to sell timechare on 1branson and branson.com.

Branson Citizens should ask themselves - "Why hasn't anyone told me about the new taxes" and "How much money are we willing to pay in support of cronyism and corruption".