Branson Alderman Move to Expand Power Over City Employees

Three bills which expand the power of Branson City Government were proposed by Alderman Sandra Williams today during a planning session.

The first would give Alderman the ability to fire a city administrator with a simple majority vote of the board. Similarly, Branson's City Clerk and Branson City Attorney would also be hired and fired in the same manor.

The bills were initiated by City Alderman Sandra Williams who openly criticized Branson's City Attorney during several Branson City Council meetings earlier this year.

Movement to create an easier method of "removing" former City Administrator Terry Dody was well under way before his resignation last year.

Branson Alderman selected a new administrator last month after a year long vacancy.

Branson's Mayor and Alderman Williams denied the city was trying to move positions on the board from a volunteer to a paid body during a brief discussion this afternoon.