Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshof Share Both A Line and A President But Not A Senator

Senator Kit Bond threw support to Republican Gubernatorial Hopeful US Rep. Kenny Hulshof Saturday during Missouri's Republican Convention.

A representative from Kit Bond's office leaked the information to KY3 beforehand and held a press conference while "Old School" conservatives aka Ron Paul sympathizers played "Parliamentary Procedural Fun" threating tee time at a local golf course for Republican Delegates. Meanwhile, Kenny Hulshof pulled the press into a corridor to enjoy the afterglow with the media - video to come.

John Combest noticeably twittered with joy that the "press had left the buiding".

Immediately afer the press conference Hulshof joined his wife for a cup o' cofee at the Chateau on the Lake Coffeeshop where he shared a line with Republican Challenger Sarah Steelman who was joined by her son in beating Hulshof to a race for a pastry.

Let's get back to KY3. Dave Catonese asked if endorsements are important....

Answer - Obviously since KY3 stuck around long enough to broadcast the news Bond was endorsing Hulshof.

MissouriNet's Steve Walsh was particulary impressed by Steelman's response conjouring the post: How to respond to an endorsement.

Steelman said,
"I've always been the underdog",
unfazed and responding to the news by reminding Senator Kit Bond endorsed Republican Icon Ronald Reagan's opponent during his first presidential bid.

Steelman's comments were first made over a bag of jelly beans - Ronald Reagan's favorite treat. Either Steelman was prepared for the endorsement or really likes jelly beans.

Photo by Branson Edge
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