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Paul fires up crowd as Republicans meet in Branson
Friday, May 30, 2008, 10:44 PM
By Steve Walsh

Missouri Republicans are holding their state convention in Branson this weekend. And, as many of the delegates and officials attended a dinner Friday night at the man conference center and resort, presidential candidate Ron Paul held a rally at a theater a few miles away.

The Texas Congressman fired up an estimated crowd of about 1,300 with his call for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, an end to what he claims is the doing away of our personal liberties, elimination of the federal income tax, getting rid of the Patriot Act, and pulling the United States out of the United Nations.

The actual business of the convention takes place on Saturday, with many of the Ron Paul supporters who were chosen as delegates fearing they will not be seated because of what party officials call irregularities and what Paul supporters say is an an effort to oust them from the activities.
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Two GOP parties happening in Branson this weekend
By KSPR News

Story Created: May 31, 2008

Story Updated: May 31, 2008
Two groups are talking politics in Branson this weekend. One is the Republican Party faithful and the other call themselves rabble-rousers.

They are supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Friday night Republicans from both groups set the stage for this weekend's state party convention.

Two thousand republicans are gathering in Branson this weekend for the Missouri republican convention.

This is not it. This is the freedom rally.
And these are the supporters of Ron Paul, the Texas congressman who's all but eliminated from the race for president. Now he's urging supporters to influence the party.

Ron Paul; I think the Republican Party has lost its way and that's why we're losing and that's why we have to change. I think the Republican Party should be ecstatic about us bringing millions of people who want to be in the Republican Party.

About a thousand people came to this Branson theater sized church to hear about the revolution.

The Sebert's brought their three children.

I think it'll make an impact later on - not now as much he'll be like I saw Ron Paul and it might impact the way he votes in the future.

It's a battle of the big names in Branson this weekend on this side of town you've got the man who started a revolution... On the other side or town, a two time Governor rallying the party.

750 Republicans gathered at the chateau to hear Missouri party leaders and Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating. But they're not just here for the speeches.

Tina Hervey;
We're here to elect the remaining delegates that will head up to the Republican national convention in Minneapolis St Paul. There are 26 that will be elected.
The dynamic between the two groups - if there is any will play out during that process.

Saturday morning the Republican Party will be credential-ing 1600 people at Chateau on the Lake. There will be 150-seats for guests, after that no one else is admitted.

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