Branson Vacation Channel Interviews Branson Missouri Chief Typist

The photo above was shot during and interview with Branson Missouri's Chief Typist and Jennifer McCullough. Prior to the interview I asked McCullough to come hard - which she did. I had to laugh when mentioned at times I wasn't very popular. Of course, popularity as McCullough is referencing has little to do with web traffic but rather feathers of city leaders ruffled by posts.
I had to laugh thinking...."Yeah, facists hate me!"
I responded with a belly laugh, the kind you can't fake. McCullough runs one of the top marketing and public relations firm in Branson boasting some of the areas most prestigious accounts. She did a great job during the interview and I'm excited to see the end result.
During the interview McCullough asks me about wearing hats, which I often wear to avoid the "brush". The hat I'm wearing is special as it related to a story I've been following for the last year. The quality of the hat and wholesale cost is 700% above the wholesale price merchants in Downtown Branson pay for clothing. An international time-share/vacation company setup shop in Downtown Branson with an interesting and innovative strategy that eventually fell flat.
Instead of, as one merchant describes, "verbally molesting tourists" the travel company setup a high-end retail store next to the discount merchandise and trinkets synonymous with the Historic Downtown Branson District. The idea was the high-end merchandise would attract the demographic most likely to but a time-share.
Last week, the store closed for the traditional ticket=sale strategy of engaging visitors to tour their resort. Downtown Merchants bought the store out quickly during the stores, Blue Tango, liquidation process.
The hoodie says, "Social Hazard" with a subtle message not seen by most...the message - Rom 12:2
The interview with McCullough will air on the Vacation Channel -

Wednesday, May 21 @8:20pm and possibly May 22 same time.