A Great Day For Branson - A Great Day For Democracy

Branson Missouri

Yesterday was a great day for Branson. Belk's opened boasting 300 attendees at the mixer. The Branson Landing is beggining to open. The Hollister Chamber of Commerce hosted political Debates and the Branson Chamber of Commerce released the most extensive data to date on the marketing plans for the city.


I found an open door in the Mayor's office and feel grateful for having the opportuntiy to have met Lou Schaefer.

I found an open door at the Mayor's office in Hollister and am grateful for having met David Tate.

I met several members running for the school board in Hollister and am grateful that so many men and women who believe they can make a difference.

I met a widower who manages a news outlet while raising his daugher alone.

Hero's all of them....

But of all of these great men and women one really stood out.

One individual showed me unmatched courage. He's on a mission to change the world and he's doing it. He's going to change the world by changing himself. His name is Shawn Hawkins.

Shaun comes from a family with some problems. When living at his mom's house near St. Louis he watched addiction destroy her life and decided it wasn't going to destroy his. He grabbed his brother, called a cab and went from city to city until he arrived here in Branson. He found refuge at his father's house who he lives with today. Things aren't perfect but they're a lot better.

This is where he began his mission, he promised to break a generational curse that plagued his family.

He's even going a step further. Shawn is in the process of making a Movie. The fifteen minute movie is going to be called the Ripple Effect. The movie shows the effect of drinking and driving. It's going to be shown to the senior class before the end of the year.

The idea is that our actions have an effect on everthing and everyone around us.

Shawn's under no illusions. His life is too full of realities to have them. Sometimes he gets discouraged cause these 16 year old eyes have seen milleniums of distruction. He sees hypocrisy everywhere, but, he finds hope becuase these same individuals are offering support. He has faith because he knows where's he's from and the love of a father.

The Branson Edge has a nightlife guide. We spend a lot of time checking out the entertainment at night. We are known to have a Guiness and we support entertainment in the evenings. We have created a nightlife guide becuase we like music and we like to hang out late and sometimes we even like to have a beer. We're not going to lie to you, we're not going to sell you on our piety today. We're not even going to tell you what we do is wrong. We are however going to support you. We are going to promote you. We are going to encourage you. We are going to remind you that your mission comes from somewhere higher, though you already know that. We are going to make sure everything is done to ensure you are in every newspaper, local television and linked to every page of our website. Mostly, we are going to be inspired by you.

You are not a ripple; YOU are a tidal wave.

Thank you Shawn.

The Following Companies and indiduals are surfing Shaun's wave.....

Round The Clock Realty

Reserve Branson

Urban Edge

Agape Primary Care Morris Oil & Gas

Pure Country Conoco

SAM Productions,Ad America

Lacy Properties L.L.C

Mark Hawkins

Snapp-Bearden Funeral Home

White Raven Music Industries

Cox Air Care

Kanakuk Kamps

Tim Oliphant

Missouri State Highway Patrol


Branson Edge

The Police Fire, and Ambulance Departments of Branson

Kyah Hoffmann

Tyler Osborne

Keith Smith

Jeremy Long

Ellen Denny

Jared Robbins

Shayna Lyons

Tawny Robinson

Hilary Williams

Chloe Delgadillo

Jami Ussery

Jeremiah Sharp

Seth Urban

Tyrell Ransom

Michelle Murphy

Chris Sheets

Cameria Klein

Shawn Turner

Kat Mcginnis

Kevin Barker

KC Stresak

TJ Dorsey

Josh Keen

Sarah Day

Mark Bolger

Levi Casey

Caleb Freeman

Luke Treat

Coy Dale Thomas

Johnathan Rice

Ashley Hutton

Tessa Bulgier

Alyssa Rice

Jordan Stewart

Mandy Sutton

Caity Powell

Chris Mcgauley

Rick Weaver

Josh Hayes

Cara Longo

Nataile Meyer

Rachel Dillard

Denikka Depew

Skylar Mckinney

Amber Sparks

Andrew Sparks

Alexis Erwin

Erica Erwin

Janie Dennison

Haley Stallings

Bethany Mcspadden

Brooke Asher

Stephanie Myer

Alex Melton

Chris Melton

Joe Halberdier

Michael Urban

Jim Urban

Jen Gant

Luke Parrott