City of Branson Intervenes in Branson Landing Title Case - Moves Forward in Federal Court

Branson Landing developer HCW Development companies lawsuit against Tri-lakes Title and the company's predecessor were intercepted with the City of Branson moving litigation to a Federal Court. The City of Branson motioned to intervene citing litigation pending in the U.S. District Court Western District of Missouri in Springfield.

Documents which will be posted before the weekend on paint a damming portrait of the City of Branson's legal activity, collaboration to commit fraud, acknowledgement of title defects and an intimate understanding to minute details involving complications and shortcomings with the Branson Landing project in direct contradiction to statements made by the City of Branson to the press.

Branson's mayor currently has a fiscal relationship (business partnership)  with the parent company of two local television stations KSPR and KY3 inc. Neither station has reported on the collaborative efforts of Branson, Empire District Electric and HCW to conceal facts regarding litigation in progress during the issuance of  Branson Landing 2005A bonds. In fact the opposite is true. Official documents created to entice investors erroneously claim 37% of the Branson Landing was in litigation at the time the bonds were being offered; In fact, the documents have statements from all three entities denying such encumbrances to fee simple title exist. The misrepresentation's of fact are promoted through the document published below.

The false statement that Branson was not involved in litigation at the time, contrary to fact is highlighted on page 33.

Official Statement 2005
Insurance Dispute
Branson claims to be the recipient of a title insurance policy which may not exist.

In fact, evidence suggests money coughed up by the City of Branson and HCW Development collectively to insure investors in the Branson Landing were protected might not have been utilized to purchase title insurance. The issue may ulitmately be decided by the court.

Documents which will be posted soon elaborate on a very shady relationship between the City of Branson and disbarred judge Peter Rea. Rea who was disbarred for sexual misconduct has a son-in-law that serves as an executive for HCW. Former Missouri Supreme Court Judge John Holstein is being retained by the city of Branson at a half price rate ($325 per hour) to defend the city of Branson's interests through post trial activity. Holstein's former law clerk was lead counsel during the time a plan was concocted to obtain property not available through direct chain of title.  Holstein's son-in-law Paul Link served as Chief Counsel for the city of Branson through much of the negotiations and completion of the lakefront project.

Circumstances suggest Holstein's generosity may result from corrective measures ensuring the safety of both former employee and relative. Such courtesy is not granted to other attorneys working on the case.

James Meadows, Jennifer R. Growcock and Jay M. Dade are listed as Branson's counsel for their case against Fidelity Title Insurance Company.

Documents produced by the trio elaborate on negotiations with Peter Rea (among other elements) and the City of Branson.