Silver Dollar City Unviels Rollercoaster Opening in 2013- Outlaw Run

Silver Dollar City opened the construction site for a new roller-coaster which will open in 2013. Outlaw run will be the first wood coaster to turn upside down with a 720 degree double barrel role and the second fastest wood roller coaster in the world.  See the full press release below.

BRANSON, Mo., Aug. 9, 2012 -- Thrill ride enthusiasts around the world will mark a first-of-its-kind ride debut at Branson, Missouri's Silver Dollar City in Spring 2013 when the 1880s-style theme park makes history with the opening of Outlaw Run, the world's most daring wood coaster. The new $10 million ride sends passengers soaring through the Ozark Mountains on a ground-breaking wood coaster that includes several firsts:

  • World's steepest drop on a wood coaster More than 16 stories, 162-foot drop at 81 degrees, nearly vertical 
  • World's only wood coaster to twist upside down A record-breaking three inversions including a 720-degree (double) barrel roll 
  • Second fastest wood coaster in the world Top speed of 68 mph, world's fastest wood coaster on steel wheels

 "Our Silver Dollar City fans told us they wanted a new thrill attraction, and we were determined to create a world-class experience even they couldn't imagine," said Brad Thomas, senior vice president, Silver Dollar City Attractions. "We pushed to take the classic wood coaster to a place it's never been before by applying modern technology and techniques to traditional wood coaster building methods. The result is a wood coaster with never-done-before thrill elements." The new ride takes advantage of the natural mountain terrain, with a more than 10-story lift that leads to a 162-foot drop (16 stories) into a valley. Custom-designed "stagecoach" trains take riders on a journey of unexpected drops, thrilling twists and rolling inversions. Riders soar through nine locations where they will experience "airtime" – or weightlessness. The park collaborated with Idaho-based Rocky Mountain Construction on the innovative engineering, design and construction of the new ride. Silver Dollar City, awarded for theme development, designs attractions with compelling storylines based in real history. In the creative concept, Outlaw Run takes passengers aboard a stagecoach west where a wild chase ensues. "All generations will enjoy this bold and daring ride where the 'good guys always win,'" Thomas said. Silver Dollar City, the number one attraction in Branson, Missouri, has 30 rides and attractions, award-winning festivals, and an authentic crafts colony 100-strong.