Branson Independent's Curt Brown Pins Cheney as War Mongerer

Branson Daily Independent's Curt Brown tossed a hard left hook towards former United States Vice President Dick Cheney last week in a story titled, "Former VP Dick Cheney may be much of the cause of our problems.

Civilian deaths in Iraq are estimated as high as 1 million and the cost of war as high as $3 trillion begging many to question the wisdom of your strategy in the Middle East.

In Brown's article Cheney is charged with convincing former President George W. Bush to commit troops to war based on bad information.

Brown ends his editorial with:

Brown has served the Branson public with a left perspective offering support for a recent "Senior Tax" which narrowly passed with a levy currently set at .500. Brown has also voiced criticism for the US public policy regarding the war on terror; most notably in an article where Brown begged, "Who would Jesus Bomb ?" The 10 year aniversary of the 9/11 bombings created a surge of dialogue in the journalism community as the nation reflected on the last decade on the state of the world since the war on terror was innitiated. A broad collection of opinions ten years after 9/11 can be found here: 9/11 10 Years Later Research and Commentary