City of Branson Misrepresentation To Media Outlets Magnified by Southern Court of Appeals Rejection of Motion

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An effort funded by Branson City Officials to undo a Taney County jury verdict affirming Doug Coverdell as the rightful owner of land which includes a large portion of the Branson Landing was quickly thwarted by Missouri's Court of Appeals.

Among other misrepresentations, several newspapers reported the city of Branson stated they were not involved in the lawsuit. Contrary to official statements the city of Branson was scheduled as a witness in a three day trial where Empire Electric, represented by Lathrop and Gage, asked the city of Branson to testify on behalf of the private utility company. The city of Branson failed to appear as scheduled.

Contrary to statements made by Branson officials, the Court of Appeals confirmed the City of Branson was a party to the initial lawsuit that granted Coverdell land with an estimated value exceeding $250,000,000 and didn't qualify for special relief.

*****This story was held 20 days to see if any media companies would cover the story.
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