Roy Blunt Deliver's Mesage of "Good Southern Missouri Common Sense" to Washington

Roy Blunt returned to Washington today for a lame duck session as Majority Whip. In a speech sponsored by conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation Roy outlines the direction of conservatism.

Here's the rundown....

Blunt began with a metaphor about a golf course built 100 years ago in India. After the golf course became overrun with monkeys who picked up the balls and randomlythrough them a new rule was developed.

""You have to play the ball where the monkey throws it...Not a bad rule for life".
""Success has a thousand father's failure an orphan"
What Happened on Tuesday...according to some...
1. A repudiation of Conservatism
2. The Foley Factor
3. Referendum on the War in Iraq
4. Rebuke to One Party Rule
5. Punishment by the faithful for conservatives not staying absolutely true to their principals.

"In reality there was no single explanation for the loss of our majorities ....but as conservatives we should take this opportunity to reflect on how we govern, honestly assess our shortcomings and propose the best way to move forward."

"In politics just as there are not permanent victories there are no permanent defeats."

"78,000 votes would have changed the outcome... our ideas didn't get beat we did"

We need to put values above politics....holding onto or gaining political power should never come before our obligation to be worthy of people's trust"

I use to say I'm from the part of Missouri that was so conservative that we believe the Federal Government should defend the Country and deliver the mail...truth is we're not quite as committed to that mail delivery thing as we use to be..."

The general theme of Blunt's message was principle centered leadership and being true to beliefs. It's worth a hear....

Blunt's Speech