Using Branson's Name in Vain

The City of Branson will address the approach to the name issue tomorrow at the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting.
Heated rhetoric marked the tone of the last city council's public commentary. The exchange led to the forced dismissal of Branson Sport's Club owner Pam Dapprich several minutes before allocated time (10 minutes per citizen) reached its end.
It's anticipated Branson City Attorney Paul Link will address what the City of Branson will and will not tolerate during the public comment section of the meetings.
In addition, the Branson Edge obtained documents regarding the name issue which included a half dozen letters to businesses using the Branson name outside the Branson City limits.
The letters currently being sent by law firm Lathrop and Gage differed greatly from the initial letter sent to the Branson Sports Club and mark a change in strategy from the cities previous approach. Branson's current stance on the Cities name is based on two issues brought up by Alderman after the initial letter was sent. The current stance and approach of the City is a defensive move to stop business from using the Branson name for either the skin or gambling trade. The letters sent to local businesses ask the owners to call a phone number where they're given permission to use the Branson name. The city doesn't have any intention of stopping any of the entities from using the Branson name. The idea being that as business's report and gain permission to use the Branson name a legal precedent is set to block an unsavory business from using Branson as part of its brand.