Is Forsyth, Missouri about to put poison in the water?

Alderwoman Cheryl Altis stood as the sole voice against putting fluoride into the city water system.

Concerns voiced by citizens were not loud enough to justify a ballot item over the issue - so says the Forsyth city council.

At one point the city purchased a bucket of fluoride and debated over which council member was going to dump the bucket of fluoride into the city's water system. Apparently, concerns over putting fluoride into the water system were not enough to stop support of adding fluoride but too much to bank a political career on supporting it.

Several cities and Western countries have banned the use of fluoride over health concerns claiming fluoride is a toxic industrial byproduct.

The city has decided not to put the issue on the ballot.

When it comes to toxins one rule should apply.

"If in doubt, keep it out."