Branson MIssouri - God and Mammon

I've been thinking a lot about the sign above. It's from a small cafe called Mary's in Groom,Texas.

The owner is on a mission for God. His restaurant served some of the best food I had on my months long excursion across the US. Perhaps, best of all, the meal is free. "It's on God."

Before I was given the chance to properly chronicle this adventure I came across a post by "The Old Seagull".

Post Summary.
The article continues to point out that most of Wal-Mart's shopper's are Christian. Seagull, wasn't happy about taking Christ out of Christmas. In the article he even comes up with a solution - slip "Merry Christmas" cards to the Walmart employees in Branson - to remind them the "reason for the season".

Personally, I'm not sure I want the official "religion" of Wal-Mart to be Christianity. I'd bet they sell a lot more Santa Claus than manger wrapper. They use to sell American made products. Remember when that was their motto? Today, it's almost seems difficult to find American made products among the rows of garments made from overseas sweatshops and Chinese made electronics. Not to mention - supporting a family on a Wal Mart employee wage falls far short of the glamorous life and not too far from poverty.

Let me give this to Wal-Mart - they make an effort to give back to the community = allocating a percentage of locally gained revenue to local charities. During the aftermath of the hurricane, they sent massive amounts of resources - including some local soldiers to fight the madness that ensued in the storm's wake.

Still, the employees, stockholders and success, measured in mammon, far outweighs loyalty to any religion when it comes to business decisions.

I think readers in other parts of the country may find the ideas of the Ole Seagull radical. For where you live - they probably are. They aren't here and that's one of the things that makes this place special.

The parade in Branson focused on bringing Christ back into Christmas is something very unique. The fact that it was corporate advertiser free is an example Branson has set - not our nation's cultural norm.

The largest corporate interest in Branson is Silver Dollar City. The family that owns the Theme park also owns two of the top ten charities in the region. They are a faith focused organization and their charitable contributions reflect this. Again - far from the corporate norm.

The free burger from God cooked through proxy in Groom Texas is one of the best I've every eaten. The 12 apostle themed tables - the sermon over lunch and the stones throw to the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere - gives heed to the owner's claim that he's sponsored by God.

I can say with certainty that the Fortune 1000 are all companies focused on financial prosperity = mammon. I'm not sure I want or need them to boast official affiliation with my God.

Merry Christmas!