Branson Mayor's Fiscal Idiocy - No Money - No Honor in the House of Presley

An estimated $100 million dollar expense dubbed, "The Road to the Presley Theater" is in the works following a long trend of fiscal irresponsibility and massive down-tick in Branson's allure. The $13 million dollar surplus Presley was given when taking the helm is now spent.

Several raises in utility rates and regulatory hoops have proved crushing to the Branson economy. The only beneficiary seems to be the mayor's private business as her arch enemy Andy Williams has now passed and 
top competitor and nearly identical show , (Branson's first show), the Baldknobber, reports to be shutting down.

 Higher taxes, crushing regulations, multi-million dollar litigation and deficit spending is the mark of an administration where integrity is lost. Branson's Mayor seems to have a strategy in mind - if she can drive the city bankrupt - she won't have to pay the bills - well, the road to her theater is secretly being paid and paved with buyouts that haven't yet been reported by the press - some of which she's business partners with. This is the strategy Presley is using with the airport -"we don't have the money."It's the friend who doesn't pay back  money owed and decides to buy a new car. It's the character of an individual with no character - it's the new Branson - an integrity free zone. 

While Good for the Mayor's pocket book funding the highly subsidized Presley theater seems to have one hope for the community at large - the hope is that we can resurrect the dead and pack them on busses - blue hair and all. 

The Branson Convention Center, the $100,000,000 annual revenue generating Branson Landing and the TIF funded Branson HIlls are performing radically well but the fruits of these affluent travelers higher spending totas aren't important since they're  less likely to attend a theater where Branson's poorest citizens are mocked and the praises to Jesus can be heard for 50 bucks a pop (Free with a Timeshare Tour). 

Presley's reign is marked with declension from Branson's past in such a significant way tonight she's proposing to change a law protecting the fiscal solvency of the city. The amount of money being held in the reserves will be reduced to pave the path to the Presley theater ironically named the "Spirit 76".The true spirit of 76 - 1776 is the citizens fighting against taxation - a far cry from the Presley sales job which creates new tax burden.'s sley's spirit of 76 is a strange tea party where the press supports the monarchy and the citizens pay double taxation in celebration of the royal oppression. 

 Multi-million dollar lawsuits and misreporting facts to the public are counterbalanced by business relationships with media outlets hellbent on sending rainbows and sunshine riding on unicorns to sell a fiscal plan which would make even the most shady  time-share sales practitioners blush. 

Meet Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley, perhaps, Branson's only business benefiting from a trend of fiscal debauchery leaning far left of Branson's traditional path,While the non-stop spending spree, millions in unnecessary litigation (the highest the city of Branson has ever incurred) , payouts to our mayors friends and business trips that line corrupt politicians pockets are matched by an an extreme lack of honor.

 A deal is a deal and in these parts of the country a handshake is supposed to mean something - a written contract should mean more. 

 a Presley's contracts create debt for generations,but the spending remains unquestioned. 

 Perhaps we should pay those who we promised, revenue generating,and unlike Presley's spending marked
with fiscal accountability and pay per performance metrics

Like the Mayor's other business ventures, she was on a competing airport board notorious for claiming Branson could never succeed in bringing Southwest Airlines. 

I like to end my editorials with something nice to say as all humans created by the almighty have some virtue . For Presley, I can say she's the best mayor Springfield ever had.